Flashes: My Boyfriend Walks in on Me in the Bathroom

I’ve recently moved into a new place, and now my boyfriend is out of town. This means I’m not getting as much restful sleep as usual, which also means I’m not dreaming as much.

To fill in the gaps of time I’m not having full on dreams, i’ll be writing about little flashes of dreams I’ve had. They won’t necessarily be recent, however.

So begins the dream…

I was in the bathroom finishing up a good poo. I had to get another roll of toilet paper, but I had to stand up to get it. Pants down, I waddled to a toilet paper holder on the other side of the room near the door. As I waddled near it, the door suddenly opened, and my boyfriend just walked in. He didn’t seem phased by my predicament, but I was rather annoyed. I shoved him out and closed the door.

Once I finished up, I walked out to see him waiting there. I was still quite annoyed, so I gave him a shove in the sternum (which was rude of me) and told him to knock first.

I woke up shortly after. I still had the feeling of being annoyed, but I also felt bad for the way I treated my dream boyfriend.

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