The Cyber-Battle for Freedom

Basically, this is what the aliens looked like, plush arms and legs.

It was the Team Fortress gang and I. The medic, sniper, demo, heavy, pyro, engineer, soldier, and scout were all there. We made our headquarters in a simple looking house. Every room had walls upon walls of monitors that showed graphs, cameras, and other important-looking information to our cause. It was the end times. The world was being invaded by an inter-dimensional, sentient, and intelligent race of monsters. They used incredibly advanced suits and weapons to battle against us, and they were winning.

While the others rested in our humble hideout, I decided to take action. I left the safety of our home through a dimensional gate kept in a control room that Medic monitored. Just inside the gate was a similar looking house to ours, but with seemingly infinite tubes to crawl through. The house reminded me of a McDonalds play place with it’s winding tunnels and dead ends.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure what I was looking for. As I wandered I was approached by a little girl who wore a faded pink dress.

“We need to leave or she’ll get us,” she said to me. She seemed benevolent and wise in nature, so I felt I could trust her. “Follow me,” she said in a spectral voice as she walked away. Without saying a word, I followed.

“I’m coming for you!” came an echoed voice from a nearby corridor. It was a rough and malevolent-sounding voice. This must have been who the girl was talking about. Out from a corridor behind us crawled what looked like a twin of the girl I met before, but with dirty, matted hair, and an evil look in her eye.

“We must run!” The benevolent girl screamed. Together, we ran and crawled as fast as we could through the corridors. She led me to the dimensional gate entrance and I jumped through. I was safe again. When I looked behind me, she had not followed. She must have risked her life to save me, I thought to myself.

I was exhausted after my fruitless journey into the alternate dimension. I walked into the living area where some of my companions were talking to some mysterious woman. She was young, about my age. She had short, black hair and wore dark clothing. She was homeless, so they let her in to live with us. I did not approve of this decision made without me. Perhaps I was a little jealous.

I went about my business, doing laundry and preparing food. Some time later, I went back to the living room where the sniper was having a conversation with the girl, waving a large jug of rum in one hand. They were siting in lounge chairs opposite one another. This time, the girl was naked from the waist up. I was furious at her attempt to seduce my friends, and at the success she was having in doing so. I felt a heat rise within me. My anger took over, so I left the house in silent rage.

The exit opened up to an indoor area of a large, glass-walled building. A fountain decorated the center, and the entire front of the glass building let in the glorious summer sunlight from outside. I meandered through the building for only seconds before I realized my mistake. I doubled back to work out the new living arrangements with my companions. When I opened the door to go back inside, I was shocked to see the house was completely dark, save for the lit, but flickering monitors that lined the walls. The emptiness and quiet of the house was downright haunting. I realized immediately that if I entered this house and shut the door, I may not be able to leave, becoming trapped in some kind of haunted house scenario (which has happened in other dreams, so I must have somehow recalled that happening in dreams prior).

I walked back out and shut the door behind me to see that I’d sprung a trap. The invading monsters had surrounded me. The beasts were like huge, frightening deep-sea creatures with two strong legs, a pair of strong arms, and large, fish-like mouths. They were completely covered in red cybersuits from shoulder to toe. They held their guns to me, ready to shoot. They hadn’t caught me off guard. I jumped into the air, activating my jet-pack. I stayed floating in midair and pressed a button on a large, bracelet like weapon on my wrist, charging the weapon for battle.

This weapon has multiple deadly settings. The first was a single burst shot. The blast killed multiple beasts in one shot. It seemed the odds were in my favor, but for every creature I killed, several came from around the corners of the building to take it’s place. They shot their laser projectile weapons at me, but I dodged each slow-moving shot with ease. I switched my wrist weapon to the next shot setting. This one would use all of the energy my device had left to deadly effect. After a few seconds charge, the weapon shot two huge, continuous lasers down at the army. I aimed about the room to ensure I disintegrated every monster in sight. I had not killed all of them before the bracelet’s energy was run dry, but I killed enough to get the rest to retreat.

There was one last random part of my dream, but I do not remember at what point it took place. All I remember is having a romantic waltz with the Medic from TF2. That’s it.

Final Thoughts: I watched some of the old “Meet the ____” from TF2’s YouTube channel last night, so that explains the cameo from the characters. Fighting giant fish monsters is a first. This wouldn’t be the first time I’ve dreamed of wielding powerful, futuristic weapons. Most of the time, the weapons do end up being arm-cannons of some kind- very Megaman-esque.

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