I got nominated for a different kind of challenge

And I did it for fun..

We all know the hype that is going on with the ALS ice-bucket challenge. But when I opened my facebook page a while back, I was tagged in a friend’s status, asking me to take up a challenge. No, it was not yet another of the ALS ice-bucket challenges but it was a challenge I loved to take the minute I saw it.

It said, that my friend was challenged by someone to list down the top ten authors/books that made a mark upon her heart. My friend took the challenge, uploaded a list of her top ten books and at the end challenged me and other few of her friends for this too.

Since my childhood I have been a voracious reader, and so the following is what I listed down in merely five minutes. I still have many books to pen, but these are the once which always pop up in my head whenever I am asked about my favorite books.

So here goes..

1. Harry Potter (J.K.Rowling) – It taught me great things that only a true Potter fan will understand

2. Wuthering Heights (Emily Bronte) – It made me fall in love with the classic British writing (and still a better love story then Fifty Shades).

3. The Prodigal Daughter (Jeffery Archer) – It tells us that long held rivalry can’t be held for too long if you truly love someone.

4. The Stars Shine Down (Sidney Sheldon) — It taught me the real power of a woman.

5. The Forth Estate (Jeffery Archer) – It taught me to be ambitious (and it was the first novel I read about the fierce battle that business and riches-from-rags is).

6. The Secret (Rhonda Byrne) – Because you need something to think and stay positive.

7. Chicken Soup series (Countless regular people with heart warming/breaking/cheering stories) – It made me look at daily life with a reason.

8. Sherlock Holmes Case Files/Short stories (Sir Arthur Canon Doyle) – Another British Classic writing that profoundly uplifts my heart and for the splendid observations that Mr. Holmes & Dr. Watson make and for the funny, secretive, dashing, aggressive portrayal of Sherlock Holmes.

9. The Bobbsey Twins (Hardly anyone would have heard of this series), Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys – Because they taught me to fall in love with books in the first place.

10. How to be a woman (Cathlin Moran) – It taught me the real meaning of feminism.

11. The Casual Vacancy (J.K.Rowling) – Because J.K.Rowling can write harsh reality (with the same depth in the characters) too you know..

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