Why wait for a good day? Just do it anyway.

On a New Year’s Eve, Making a resolution is a common phenomenon. It’s kind of funny to think , we wait for January 1st or any other special occasion to make a resolution.

Why do we make a resolution on a special day ????

Well, We think that these days have a power to lead to prosperity, and those days considered to be either beginning of something good nor destruction of something bad. Taking up a resolution on such a day offers new ray of hope that whatever the past would be, the new beginning is going to like a brilliant. Taking a resolution is a great deed but waiting for a good day is non-sense?

We always look for good time and day to do such good things.

But to do a bad or shitty thing, we wouldn’t even bother to look at the watch. We do it instantly.

So if one wants to bring about change or difference in oneself, anyone’s life, one has to be instantaneous. Whenever, we think of postponing to another day or find any excuses, we failed. It proves, we are too much settled in our comfort zones to come out it to make a decision. Hence, even if one makes a resolution during a special day, he might not be able to accomplish it.

Change is a very dynamic. If one wants that, he must act accordingly.

Every day from now is a new day.
Similarly, every minute, second from now is new.

So to bring about change don’t wait,

Act at the moment!!

every iota of a second is precious so just do it!!

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