A story beyond success stories

Stories of successful startups seem to be the impetus in inspiring a whole new generation of entrepreneurs! These stories being spread in many mediums through beautifully narrated posts, articles and quotes are touching many with the advent of social media. With more people turning entrepreneurs, the economies of countries will be boosted in some form fit or function. Though it is important to note that statistics say ninety percent of these enterprises fail at different stages and only few make it big or help create wealth.

Why more than 90% of enterprise failed to climb the ladder? Well, reason would be simple as that most these companies understood how they succeeded but failed to consider the ‘Why? Factor ’. Period of time, supply demand, etc .which boasted for the growth. This can be acknowledged by the below Taoist story.

A certain man had two sons, one of whom was fond of study, the other fond of arms. the studious one offered his arts to the lord of the state, who hired him to tutor his princes. The Military Scientist went to another state and offered his science to the lord of that domain. the lord was pleased with him and made him a military director. The salaries of the two sons enriched their family, and their ranks brought glory to their parents.

Now, the neighbor also had tow sons who pursued the same professions, but they were impoverished. Envying what their successful neighbors had, they inquired how to get ahead, the first man’s son told them the facts.

the neighbor’s scholarly son then went to a certain state to put his arts at the service of the lord. The lord said, “ At present, the lords are fighting with each other, so their only concerns are armaments and food. If I tried to govern my state with benevolent ideals, this would be a way to destruction.” so the lord had him castrated and banished.

The neighbor’s military-minded son went to another state, where he sought to put his science at the service of the lord. the lord said, “ Mine is a weak state, as it is hemmed in between large state. I render service to larger states while aiding smaller states — this is the way to security. If I rely on military strategy. I can expect to be annihilated. and now if I send you back one piece, and cause me serious trouble.” so he had his feet hacked off and sent back home.

when they got back, the two sons went next door with their father, beating their breast and complaining. The man whose sons had succeeded said, “Those whose timing is the right flourish, while those whose timings off perishes. your pursuits are same as ours, but your results are different from ours. This was because your timing was off, not because your practices were mistaken.

The Importance of understanding what is appropriate according to circumstance is illustrated in the story. Viz no principle, idea or thoughts in the world is always right nor wrong. Idea or principle which could have failed to achieve something in a period of time would be achieved at different period of time. There are stories on where big companies failed to grow big in different countries like Google, Uber in china.

It is always better to understand why some principle, people or companies business model, philosophy achieved success. All the fortune , name, and fame are mere products and solely depends on time, demography, situation, hard work and a little luck too …. so thereby considering these factors would significantly impact any person/company on reaching a greater level .

For Example Ola, a mobile taxi aggregator is a close competitor to Uber in India took the business model and fine tuned to match the pain-points of customer specific to India and Voila …. they are inspiring million young minds now … There are many other similar aggregators in the industry who are losing funds, customers because all of them replicated the business model but didn’t think about demography specific need or the time, they are venturing in the market.

There was a surge in on-demand delivery services start-up venture last year in India, but most the companies took business models from USA, UK but they didn’t consider to think 84% population of countries earn less than RS.200 and rely on Kirana stores(small retail stores)for a daily supply of groceries. And the market is majorly dominated by the Kirana stores… which are in nook and corner of every street in the country. At the end of year, more than 95% of them lost their funds and went back empty handed, some changed their business model in order to survive like delivering food for food-techs…. So without replicating the success story of person/company/business model, analyzing the reason and factors behind that success is essential and advisable.

Note- Story is from Sun Tzu — The Art of War , Spirituality for conflict