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We all love keeping ourselves cool and fresh amidst Singapore’s blistering weather. When the sun’s at its peak, most of us would find ourselves seeking air-conditioned restaurants and malls to get a reprieve from heat so if you find yourself stuck at home with no AC in sight, I think it’s time for you to consider installing an AC to your abode. Billy Aircon can help you with that.

Billy aircon in Singapore is a fully licensed AC servicing company that performs air conditioner maintenance, repair, cleaning, and installation services in all areas of Singapore. As a highly trusted AC contractor, Billy Aircon is fully committed to providing their customers premier services that guarantee your full satisfaction. And if you’re not satisfied, they have a 90-day workmanship warranty that you can avail off. Call them at +65 9456 0875 for more information and to book an appointment.

Aside from keeping cool, another thing that we love most is festivals! As social beings, we are inherently designed to seek companionship from our fellows and experience the pleasures of living. By participating in Singapore’s Food Festivals, not only are we getting the chance to socialize with other people, we’re also getting the chance to indulge in the tastiest cuisines in the region. If you’re a foodie, you may want to check the food events listed below.

Singapore Food Festival

Buckle up, foodies! Savor the best flavors in the Lion City as local chefs and home-cooks showcase their culinary expertise in a slew of mouth-watering events at the Singapore Food Festival.

World Gourmet Summit

Experience the gathering of the finest chefs, wine, and whiskey connoisseurs, and gourmands at the World Gourmet Summit where fine dining is celebrated to the fullest.

Singapore Cocktail Festival

Guzzle up and celebrate hearty meals with a cap of the city’s finest brews (cocktails, beers, wines) at Singapore Cocktail Festival.

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