Great Museums in Singapore That Are Totally Worth Your While

If you do not believe in love at the first sight, Singapore will make you a true believer. This south Asian country is rich with natural beauty, modern buildings, cultural venues and exquisite nightlife. So, when you are in Singapore, you will face endless possibilities of fun.

In Singapore you will be surrounded with cultural richness. So,you should waste any minute away from visiting Singapore’s amazing museums:

Asian Civilization Museum: You will find this important museum in 1 Empress Pl, Singapore. The museum put 500 years of Asian culture and civilization in your hands.There are amazing galleries and guided tours that will definitely bring you closer to such impressive heritage. The mesmerizing diversity in this museum will instantly capture you mind.

National Museum of Singapore: The oldest museum in Singapore is located in 93 Stamford Road, Singapore. This is where you will be educated about the amazing history of Singapore. The museum has many great galleries and exclusive exhibits. You will know valuable facts about the Malay era, colonial time, independence and the origins of modern day development.The staff in the museum is well informed and ready to help at any time.

In this museum, you can spend several hours without feeling bored. There is also an attached cafe that will make your stay in the museum more delicious. You can rest between tours and have a quick snack and your favorite coffee before leaving or resuming your tour. The World War II exhibition is a remarkable item in this museum. You will enjoy the information and the way of displaying the exhibits. You will find out the truth about the time of Japanese occupation to Singapore. If you are having plumbing problem, Courtesy Groff plumbing is ready to help you find the right plumber in singapore .

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