Is Cloud Is Recreating Problems IT Solved Ten Years Ago?

At SingleHop, we love talking about technology. Which is great for our customers. Our small(ish) office environment allows for close collaboration among our cloud solutions experts, network and infrastructure engineers, and sales and onboarding teams. That helps us get answers to clients and partners more efficiently than most (maybe all) companies in our industry.

However, talking about technology in this expert-filled office can quickly turns into a debate.

Recently, one of these conversations really got me thinking: Has cloud created the same problems we were dealing with ten years ago?

A decade ago to date, the first iPhone was only a month old. And if you mentioned The Iron Throne I would have thought you were using slang for a commode. In our industry, 2007 was a lifetime ago.

As an IT Guy/Gal back then, here are some of the things you were trying to solve:

Cost efficiency in the data center

Drive the cost of IT down by reducing space and power and cooling costs.

Do things faster

Deployments often meant ordering a server, unboxing it, plugging it in, loading software, etc.

Move away from a single server single application model

About a decade ago new virtualization and networking technologies were introduced which reduced IT Complexity (ie: VMware, Microsoft).

But now in the cloud, many are back to single server (or instance), single application model. We are back to trying to deploy faster and we are back to trying to control server sprawl and costs.

Cloud is recreating a lot of problems that we already corrected a decade ago.

When cloud was born — it promised to the IT world to be faster, cheaper and easier.

Cloud was supposed to give time back and solve complex IT problems. The reality today is that for most companies multi-clouds environments are becoming the complex IT problems.

And they are certainly not giving time back. For most companies, the cloud has failed to deliver on its promises.

If your company is not living the cloud dream — watch this video.

Today’s cloud is often filled with what I call ‘Monsters’ (sorry for the analogy, I’m in Marketing). These troublesome fellas are the reality of the cloud and they take special, often new and time consuming, skills to remedy. In short, they don’t just do their job. They require training and constant attention.

Team SingleHop is on a mission to make the Cloud awesome again. Our team of certified cloud-monster-taming experts consult to maximize performance, design for security, and control costs as companies move from on-premise to cloud infrastructure.

For our clients, we offer expert architecture consultation, usage review and modeling, migration management and on-boarding support, and US-located, always-there Service First Support.

But most of all we give you time and resources back. Evolve from the IT problems of 2007.

Don’t know where to begin? We are always here to help. Start with a free, no obligation phone call with our team.

Written by Danielle Walter, Director of Marketing, SingleHop

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