Buying SNGLS with Mist

3 Easy Steps

Buying SingularDTV’s SNGLS tokens with Ethereum’s Mist browser is super easy. All you need are 1.) SingularDTV’s Crowdfunding Contract Address, 2.) SingularDTV’s Token Contract Address and 3.) SingularDTV’s Json Interface data.

These contract and Json specs will be published prior to the SingularDTV token launch on SingularDTV’s Website, Forum, Subreddit and Medium Blog under the title “SingularDTV Token Launch Mist Guide”.

Please do not input contract addresses or Json interface data taken from other sites. Please only use contract and Json specs from one of the four above mentioned SingularDTV info hubs.

An instructional video is also available for viewing:

STEP 1 — Connecting Mist & the SingularDTV Crowdfunding Contract

Go into “CONTRACTS” in the upper right area of your Mist browser.


In the “Watch Contract” pop-up window, input “CONTRACT NAME” as “SingularDTVcrowdfunding”, input “CONTRACT ADDRESS” and input “JSON INTERFACE”.

Press “OK”.

Your Mist wallet will now be connected to the SingulrDTV Crowdfunding Contract.

STEP 2 — Adding the SNGLS Token

Scroll down and go into “WATCH TOKEN”.

In the “Add token” pop-up window, input SingularDTV’s Token Contract Address into “TOKEN CONTRACT ADDRESS” and the rest of the fields will automatically populate.

Press “OK”.

Your Mist browser can now buy SNGLS.

STEP 3 — Buying SNGLS Tokens

To buy SNGLS with Mist, go into the “SINGULARDTVCROWDFUNDING” Contract.

Go into “Pick A Function”.

Press “Fund”.

Input the amount of ETH you want to buy SNGLS with.

Press “Execute”.

Input password.


When you back out to “CONTRACTS”, you will see your SNGLS tokens balance.