The SingularDTV Lightwallet


The SingularDTV Lightwallet is here!

Our lightwallet implementation is built on top of eth-lightwallet ( Eth-lightwallet is an HD wallet that can store your private keys encrypted in a browser. This allows you to run Ethereum dapps even if you’re not running a local Ethereum node. This is the same eth-lightwallet library used by Digix, Metamask, Jaxx and others. Still in beta, this eth-lightwallet is presently not recommended for the storage of large amounts of ETH.

The SingularDTV Lighwallet stores and transacts both ETH and SNGLS tokens. SNGLS are the token that power the SingularDTV ecosystem. Once SingularDTV’s Smart Contract System (SCS) is deployed, SNGLS can be bought directly from this lightwallet or through the Mist wallet using SingularDTV’s deployed contracts.

For more information on how to generate, use and restore your SingularDTV Lightwallet, please watch the instructional video below.

The SingularDTV SCS, the technical engine that drives our CODE structure (Centrally Organized Distributed Entity), is scheduled to launch at the end of the summer. The CODE structure, as administered by the SCS, is designed to decentralize real world assets and place them on Ethereum’s blockchain — specifically SingularDTV intellectual property in the form of film, television and software projects.

Alternatively, the SCS also directs the flow of decentralized assets to build projects in the legacy world. The SCS then directs the revenue generated from these projects back onto the blockchain via the SNGLS token.

All revenue claimed by the SNGLS token is distributed in ETH.