SingularDTV Launches “Breaker”

Jan 31, 2019 · 2 min read
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SingularDTV has come a long way. Almost three years ago, we performed our Token Generation Event (TGE) and laid out our massively ambitious goal of decentralizing the entertainment industry. Today, we take another step closer by realizing a key milestone with the release of our film and music distribution portal, Breaker.

This evolution is an opportunity for Breaker to reassert SingularDTV’s mission and values. As always, we remain steadfastly committed to empowering creators around the globe with new technology. We aim to create a space where artists and audiences can interact more directly — without the need for gatekeepers. And Breaker, as a word, as a name, is an expression of those truths.

Breaker signifies breaking from convention, freeing yourself from the systems holding you back. It’s about the breakthrough, that moment where inspiration turns into something real and meaningful. It’s about the breakout stars, new artists being acknowledged for the first time. It’s about breaking ground, taking that first step on a massive, new endeavor. Break rules. Break open. Break a leg. Break the fourth wall. Break it all down and build it back up again better than before.

Breaker also refers to the name of a wave that crests, strikes the shore and affects change. Over time, enough of those waves will irrevocably alter the coastline.

We invite everyone — all you creators, innovators, rebel spirits, optimists, provocateurs, critical thinkers — to join us in the next phase of our journey.

You can get started here by downloading the Breaker DApp.

Watch or listen to some art. Support the creators. Welcome to Breaker.

To keep up with the latest Breaker updates, sign up for our newsletter here.

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