The book that will define my 2015

Almost exactly a year back, while I was at the airport, I came across this innocuous looking book “Your Network is your Net Worth” by Porter Gale. Without meaning to sound hyperbolic, it changed my life. OK, it did sound hyperbolic, but in no way is it less true. With this year being a year of significant change for me (I graduated from college and took up a job in a different city), it was perfect to act out what I learned from the book.

I could not, at that time, imagine a book being more influential than that for me. And then, a month back, I came across this book, “Zero to One” by Peter Thiel. It was amazing coincidence because I had only recently started working purposely on my own venture and reading that book shattered all the plans that I had chalked out. In a good way.

Some of the things written in the book were known to me, some were fairly intuitive. But others were things I had never given a thought to, or were completely opposite to what I thought was true. In that sense, I have never undergone a more radical change in thought process by reading a book, than when I went through this one. I now look at all things aroud with the lens of “Zero to One”.

As I move forward into the new year, I don’t think I could have read a book more apt, given my plans for the next year. “Zero to One” is defintely the book that I hope will define my 2015.

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