A sub title might well be, “Feminism — The Illusion of equality” since I put many of the most strident of the female advocates in much the same category as ardent nationalists or indeed King Canute, when calling for ‘equality’. My reasoning is quite simple for in my mind neither males or females are in any way superior to each other and they certainly are not, and never will be equal (at least until men can give birth) but they both certainly are biologically both mentally and physically ‘different’! Furthermore, both of the genders in their unique and separate ways can and do contribute different but invaluable contributions to our everyday lives as does the working together of differing nationalities.

Generalisations can be unreliable to say the least but nevertheless it is my opinion that males on the whole generally tend to take a longer and logical view and anticipate subsequent consequences whilst females tend to take a shorter and more emotional view in terms of time and also tend to have a more emotional attitude to everyday living, sometimes with a disregard of the facts. I maintain that both can have benefits and shortcomings.

Being naturally and biologically different means that men and women are designed and created to provide different functions in the community and rather than shouting for ‘equality’ (which by implication can be a perception of missing out) both males and females would do better generally by celebrating the differences and working together for the common good of society. Of course there can and should be areas where there is what might be termed ‘cross-fertilisation’ in different fields of endeavour and the arts, fashion and design come easily to mind, and doubtless there are others, and similar incomes should be available to both earned on merit not, repeat not, political correctness.

There is a view that male and female brains are wired up differently due to generational influences over many centuries dating back to the earliest historical period, when man was the provider and hunted prey for food and therefore needed to stalk patiently and over long distances (the aboriginal people of South Africa still hunt in this fashion today) the female however was concerned with childbirth and the protection of the young and the home base on a much more local basis.

I want to say immediately that my mother’s courageous example after losing her first husband in WW1 and being left with an eighteen month old son and then again being left with two young children, (my sister and I) when our father — her second husband — died at the comparatively early age of 57, would seem to bear out the feminine trait of caring for the family and thank goodness for that! Her entire focus was upon bringing both my sister and I up in good moral order with very little in the way of adequate finances.

There can surely be little doubt that whist we need to accept there can be shades of gray in the degree of masculine and feminine traits amongst the genders, I believe males more generally think logically and over the longer term even though many final decisions are often influenced by the emotions, females on the other hand tend to think and make final decisions mainly using emotional influences and sometimes in defiance of logic.

Of particular interest is the question of sexuality. There can surely be little disagreement that sexual attraction has a part to play in the interface between the sexes and this is a totally powerful natural factor. I would go further and say that contrary to the way that sexuality is sometimes portrayed there is as much sexual attraction from females to males as there is from males to females. I also find it interesting when some female feminists press their aggressive feminist views whilst dressing in a provocative manner in their dress (or lack of dress) and then complain bitterly when men appreciate the sexuality of the situation — female lack of logic at work?

Whilst some females resent being considered as a sexual object there can surely be no doubt about the fact that some females deliberately set out to portray themselves in a manner to attract men by their sexual appeal and some of the media often emphasise this to a considerable extent. More than this an aggressive attitude does nothing to obviate the natural sexual attraction which is embodied in the normal and natural make up of each of us.

The one factor which glues all living things together — whether it be plant, fish, fowl or animal — is sexual attraction and this is — although the degree of attraction can vary between individuals of either sex — one of the most powerful and natural attributes each human possesses. Surely it must be time that the sexuality aspect was accepted openly,

celebrated and considered to be a natural part of the human condition and not portrayed as something underhand or dirty.

On the whole I find that I am in general tune with this way of thinking from my personal experience both in business and in private over my lifetime. It is to me of the utmost importance that persons from either gender do not denigrate either or attempt to cause conflict between the sexes. Both male and female have extremely valid contributions to make to life working together as a team in harmony. In short I say ‘let us celebrate the differences not try to make war over them’!

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