Nourishing the Spirit of ‘Man’

“Man is not an automaton, he is an individualised consciousness.”

Emmet Fox (1886–1951)

We collectively and individually indulge in considering the general health and well being of our physical bodies and that is all to the good but only too often it can and often does ignore another factor that makes for a complete ‘man’ — no man can be considered complete and balanced unless one other human asset is accounted and cared for — namely the spirit or soul of ‘man’.

The proposition is that it is just as important, if not more so, to nourish the soul since it is possible to claim that when it is cared for and nourished all other aspects spring from that source. Our general health has been proven to be affected by our glands and these in turn are affected by our decision to have either positive or negative emotions. (Yes we have a choice in this regard.)

Although no one can see a soul or spirit — yet if diligently searched for it is certainly easily discovered and felt. Thus there can be no denying — although some attempt to do so — that each of us have one!

Just to repeat — our glands affect our bodily health directly and they, in turn are affected directly by our emotions and — most strikingly — we choose to be either positive or negative and can at will change from one to the other. Thus we can, over time and with patience and stamina, have direct influence upon our health and well being by choosing to look for and find the positives or the negatives in all situations that we face in our daily living.

Since the universe is in perfect balance whichever one is experiencing, either negatives or positives, the alternative can be chosen or changed at will and thus allow the natural results to automatically flow. What is even more exciting and promising is the fact that given the effort and patience required we can each individually prove the truth in the above proposition.

The teaching of the finest psychologist who ever lived on this planet told us this some two thousand years ago — namely — if we get our thinking and beliefs right then all must come good because we will express (press out and live) the results of those thoughts.

If however we allow conflict, argument, discussion and disbelief to replace such thinking without honestly testing it in practice, then the contrary will result.

The instruction book says, “As a man thinketh in his heart — so is he!” and “Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life!” Couldn’t be put more clearly!

What ‘tonics’ are available to assist the nourishment? — I suggest that the most immediate are those things of great beauty such as great works of art. Music, writings, paintings and drawings, great architectural works, poetry and drama beside the works of aid and works of practical help given to the unfortunate with medicine and physical nourishment, the magnificence of the natural ‘man-free’ environment which surrounds us — all can have an immediate effect that can readily be felt in the mind and beyond dispute upon the spirit of ‘man’ when we pause to review them.

Learning that prayer is both a science and an art and using the practice to be in constant contact with the Divine Deity is the greatest practical nourishment and individual support and aid known to ‘man’ and this has been and is confirmed by millions of practitioners through the centuries.

Emmet Fox (1886–1951), one of the most influential spiritual leaders of the twentieth century, and is, in my opinion, great at bringing to light how to generate the effective experience of prayer and a closeness with the Divine that each individual can physically discover for themselves — has said, “The secret place [as preached by Jesus] is in our own individual minds”. Thus:-

  • “Man is the ruler of a kingdom, although in most cases he knows it not. That kingdom is nothing less than the world of his own life and experience!”
  • ‘Man’ is not a robot but he is a conscious spiritual able to reason and think ‘outside the box’ and to choose to have his mind and thoughts range over the entire universe and its contents to speculate, formulate and to anticipate probabilities.
  • “To entertain negative emotions is to order trouble — primarily physical trouble, and also trouble in general.” The physical effects of negative and positive thoughts have a direct effect upon our glands which in turn affect our health. Notice that in grieving our eyes shed tears as a result whilst when very happy — we sense physical well-being — and — we choose our thoughts!
  • “The truth is that it is the inner that causes the outer”. (This, in my view, is the central truth of the Jesus Christ message — simple but so powerful and provable by each individual in actual experience.)
  • Thus it behoves each of us to develop the habit of looking for the positive whilst acknowledging the negatives and thus nourish our souls in every situation we face in life.
  • There is a fundamental simple test for The Truth — does it work? There is no need to seek further evidence!

So the clear message is for each individual to choose to nourish their own soul (mind) with loving, healthy, happy, positive thinking and thoughts and over time to discover the positive effects this will bring — for them and — coincidentally — for others as they travel through life.

Recommended reading and study;

‘The Sermon on the Mount’ by Emmet Fox.