What size is the Creator?

By way of introduction to this essay we perhaps should be prepared, with all due reverence, to consider the Creator, the Supreme Deity, as being unlimited and therefore with numerous facets and angles to consider. Whilst enjoying the intimacy and the imagery which studying the Bible has conveyed to my mind, I have added to my relationship with the presence of God the vastness which my studying, meditations and ‘being at one with God’ contemplations have added to my impression and personal relationship.

Let’s start by taking a look at the Universe for example:-

By applying a little logical objectiveness balanced with an equal amount of emotional subjectivity it has been of interest to me to examine the size of the ‘known’ universe and consider the logical assumption that the Creator must be even more colossal (infinite) at the very least in terms of power, than that which was my previous concept.

The universe we believe consists of about 125 billion galaxies and there are probably 300 billion stars in each of the galaxies! That could be represented (even if difficult to fully apprehend) as a sum shown as:-

125,000,000,000,000 X

300,000,000,000,000 =

37,500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, stars!

The nearest star, apart from the sun, is about 25 trillion miles away and it would take about 81, ooo years to get there! (Incidentally it is said that it is extremely difficult to comprehend what the vastness of just one trillion of anything amounts to!) Then of course following the belief that the supreme deity is infinite there are likely to be numerous other galaxies if not an endless number! And this is but one of the many facets of The Supreme Deity!

The almost unbelievable fact is that, as any practising Christian knows and experiences through prayer God also has a direct, instant and constant relationship with every individual human being. This latter I believe reinforces the belief that we are joined in spirit to God. Could it be that for ‘man’ it can be difficult to take into one’s mind the vastness of the Supreme Creator as against the individual relationship?

This can also bring into focus the contrary and alternative views of agnostics and atheists who deny that God exists thus ‘man’ — on the one hand has mental and physical experiences and on the other hand — denial. Given the willingness to have and hold an open mind and accept (not necessarily agree with) differences of opinion without the desire to deny or conflict with them, could be the way forward to a greater understanding and improvement in our relationships with all others and that could extend to international relationships also.

Certainly, as set out elsewhere, ‘man’ is lazy or at least inclined to take the easiest route towards a solution, then the input required to experience and develop the personal relationship could easily be put to one side. This then, of course, immediately negates any possible benefits!

There is always an individual test available to all if honestly and truthfully applied — namely — “Does it work”?

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