Life After NYSC; “The Maze”

It’s been three weeks since I completed my NYSC and returned to Lagos. The only word that comes to mind in describing my experience is “maze”. Life after NYSC is like a maze.

Within these three weeks I have received and declined three job offers, and I am currently “unemployed” (P.s don’t feel bad about calling me crazy in your head, I think I’m crazy too). I’m currently doing a stint with WIMBIZ working specifically on their annual Conference. I’m glad I am because I’m learning a lot plus I get to save the N90,000 I’d have paid to attend the conference and side events. Sweet deal right? I think so too.

One of the job offers I turned down had “Manager” in the title Lol. Today, I have the title ‘volunteer’. What can I say? I’m following my gut.

In this era of rising unemployment and decreasing job opportunities I dare to be selective in choosing what organization to work with. I see as much need for me to be extra careful in picking an organization to work with as they are in picking individuals to employ. It’s supposed to be a symbiotic relationship.

I must make sure my dreams, energy and creativity won’t die within those walls. The truth is me being in the wrong organization is as fatal as an organization hiring the wrong employee. In their case, it’ll have a negative effect on overall productivity but in my case it can potentially have a negative effect on my life which by the way is priceless.

I haven’t been sitting at home idle though, funny enough it’s actually been really busy. Between my volunteer job, freelance work and online courses, It’s been a very interesting few weeks hence my silence on here. By the way, just in case you’re in the same shoes, don’t go declining job offers if you don’t have a strong inclination to and other things to do to keep yourself busy.

Very veryyyy soon though, I know I’ll find a great fit; God always sorts me out. Also, just in case you stumble into an opening you think I’ll be interested in, hit your girl up please! I have great work ethics and I get things done.

Yes, I just advertised myself on my blog Loool. That’s allowed right? X_x Do have a fantastic week ahead!

Sinmisola NY.

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