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And the scapegoating continues right here in the very comments!

I love the epidemic of rape line from white nationalists. Germany reported just under 10,000 rapes in 2014. Even taking into account the 63 that occurred on New Year’s, that tells me German men were doing just fine raping German women. Dare I say y’all just think white women are for white men to rape, considering the overlap between victim blaming and white nationalists (yet another form of scapegoating)? You’ve been suspiciously absent from feminist efforts to reform criminal justice concerning sexual violence. You’ll forgive me if I find your concern disingenuous.

Same thing with Sweden. I’m sure the epidemic has nothing to do with their criminal justice reform in 2005 resulting in them charging serial cases one time for each rape — meaning a spouse reporting years of abuse could bring up hundreds of charges. Nope no cause and effect to see here, just stick your head in the sand and vote Trump, or Le Pen, or whichever nasty-ass populist will reach into your pants and tell you what you want to hear whether it’s true or not.

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