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Certainly not by joining a resistance movement whose agenda is the continued oppression of my existence. If you want our bodies, our labour, our money, our volunteer hours, don’t consume it and then put forward an agenda that dismisses us. That’s why the minority groups you disparage are starting to coalition form in their grassroots movements. We make up the minority of the general population but in narrowing the focus to political leftists we are collectively a majority. We already have the power to hold majority moderates hostage by taking our vote elsewhere. It seems you acknowledge this, only instead of revising your political motives you blame us for dissenting, instead of blaming the moderates for expecting us to subordinate ourselves to factions that would dismiss us.

In other words, capitulating to the centre-left is still a loss for us as long as the centre-left insists on reiterating the same oppressive hierarchies strangling us. The ball is in your court, not ours.

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