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Denying proven effective healthcare to people is not inconsequential. What do you think is going to happen to all the chronically ill on the ACA after it’s repealed? Did you not understand me when I said this was life or death last time?

It is not a product of hatred or bigotry to ask questions

No, but it is bigotry to pretend those questions are ephemeral butterflies beyond our reach. Many of the questions you posed as hypothetical have, in fact, been addressed in the research. Pretending the answers don’t exist under the guise of inquiry is not “critical thinking,” it’s obfuscation.

In fact, some people study how to reduce bigotry and fear of others and it is never through debate and confrontation but through mutual learning and respect.

This isn’t mutual learning because you have never once corroborated your opinion with evidence. You’ve given me nothing to actually learn. I, on the other hand, gave you a paper trail to investigate if you feel so inclined. But don’t act like I’m not holding up my end of the bargain after my first 3 attempts to dialogue with you had ample evidence to support my claims.

You, as always, are free to disagree.

You haven’t once asserted an actual argument for me to disagree with! You have tested no premises nor constructed them in a logical fashion to help me follow along. You just keep repeating this weird fluffy non-specific claim about “broader responsibility” without defining your terms or actually elaborating on whatever it means. You keep asking us to ask questions — so here’s my question: What on Earth are you even talking about and what the hell does it have to do with trans people?