The Consequences of Transgender Encouragement
Jasper Reddin

I guess I shouldn’t expect much from the author of “Scientific Arguments Against Same Sex Marriage” (which features zero science) but here we go:

According to them, two opposite genders simply do not exist.

That’s a ludicrous strawman. Conceiving of gender as a spectrum doesn’t automatically invalidate the end points of that spectrum.

The individual being is told that they can be any gender they choose, regardless of whether they were born with a penis or whether they have two X chromosomes or one X and one Y chromosome in their DNA.

I’ll take “Castration Anxiety” for 500 please. Trans masculine individuals exist.

And if any remark is made against transgenderism

Perhaps you’re getting remarks because you write nothing but fact-free nonsense.

Accepting gender identity as a choice rather than a fixed attribute, however, can cause many problems down the road.

Thanks for keeping straw farmers in business. Nobody said anybody’s gender identity is a “choice.”

Children who act like the opposite gender and are therefore given medical treatment can accumulate catastrophic health issues as they advance through adolescence into adulthood.

Nice conspiracy theory.

Many adults who have undergone surgical operations and take extra hormones experience not only physical health issues but also mental issues and regret.

That’s also a lie.

This is a mountain of embarrassing bullshit you’ve penned.

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