but if I attempted to put every quote from every website that was important and highlighted my case I would have written a novel.
You are using my lack of quotations to attempt to refute me, but if I attempted to put every quote…

I specifically asked for a quote. Just one. I never at any point said you needed to quote “every website.” That’s some disingenous bullshit right there.

“then why dont I see and hear it too?”

That is not my next question. My answer to that question is “I hear lots of cis people saying trans people say this.” My question is, who actually says this?

Not all changing rooms have privacy screens and stalls first off,

Which sounds like a problem of the facility, not of trans women.

They seek out spaces to be social with only those who have potentially had shared experiences because they feel safer and trans women invading that space often leaves lesbian women feeling vulnerable, unheard, and lacking in a space for themselves because the experiences are starkly different.

This is true, but also trivial. You seem to be implying that all women have a shared experience, a universal womanhood. Black womanists have been going to great pains to challenge that idea. And I’m curious — how, exactly, are you defining this experience that only excludes trans women without also capturing more women than you intended?

To dismiss my voice simply because of a lack of direct quotations, when everything I put forth can be easily found, is again silencing a woman’s experience and is deplorable

I am not “silencing” you by expecting you to corroborate your statements of what “trans people say.” As I said, I agree that the statements are “easily found” but largely by cisgender people claiming transgender people say this.

What you’re asking for is not only the chance to speak, but to speak free from accountability and without challenge. You are not “dialoging” by stuffing words in someone’s mouth, you ought to quote and listen to what they are actually saying. Instead, you expect us to simply accept on blind faith that this is what is expected of you “from trans people” without any way for an unbiased reader to actually check that. If that makes me “deplorable,” it makes you dishonest.