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If there’s anyone whose judgement on science and reason you can trust, it’s the theologians who define their moral compass by the same book detailing how you can treat your slaves.

Zack Ford, you sorted through an inordinate amount of muck to write this. Sadly the bigots and haters and — most infuriatingly — the anti-science cranks making up claims about “science” — will not actually click the many links you provided in support of the contrary position.

The fact that your post is so long is not lost on me. These are complex topics that competent scholars have been asking for decades. The problem is that the bigots don’t like the answer, so they’re just pretending the past 50 years of research never happened.

Every time I think I’m grateful for being too young to remember George W. Bush Jr. I realize I would’ve been jaded enough to find the sheer concentrated hatred and incompetence of Trump’s administration somewhat less damaging to my sanity. C’est la vie.