Look, I understand that this transgender twaddle is the latest, greatest fad.
Robert Hanna

“If you have gender dysphoria, you have a condition that any sane and compassionate person would label a mental disorder — the mortality from gender dysphoria, principally from suicide, is very high. We need to be developing a cure for this disorder, not indulging these folks’ dangerous and ultimately destructive delusions.”

“Pooling across studies shows that after sex reassignment, 80% of individuals with GID reported significant improvement in gender dysphoria (95% CI = 68–89%; 8 studies; I2 = 82%); 78% reported significant improvement in psychological symptoms (95% CI = 56–94%; 7 studies; I2 = 86%); 80% reported significant improvement in quality of life (95% CI = 72–88%; 16 studies; I2 = 78%); and 72% reported significant improvement in sexual function (95% CI = 60–81%; 15 studies; I2 = 78%).”

There’s your cure. Sex reassignment.

I’m curious how much reality you are willing to deny. You have substantiated none of your claims that the information I’ve presented is inadequate. You simply assert. It doesn’t work for petulant children and it won’t work for you.

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