That you both fail to apprehend even the most basic difference between federal criminal law and provincial civil law is really quite remarkable.
The Intellectual Fraudulence of Jordan Peterson (apropos, Daniel Karasik)
Alexander Offord

It’s rather stunning that neither Peterson nor his supporters have addressed this criticism — on the few occasions I’ve backed his supporters up against the wall, they stop participating in the discussion altogether.

Peterson has gone on to make a number of arguments about Bill C-16 and trans people more generally. He argued how the singular “they” was an improper pronoun despite using it no less than five times in his statement, even in reference to some non-binary folks’ preference for “they” and “their” as a pronoun. He then argued that non-binary people don’t exist, a position that he later recanted. He then abandoned his previous tracts altogether to claim Bill C-16 would introduce criminal penalties for those who misgendera trans person, knowingly or otherwise, even though that claim has been debunked by law experts who joined him on an appearance on TVO and at a campus debate on legislation on gender identity that he hosted at the University of Toronto.
In other words, Jordan Peterson doesn’t really know what to think of Bill C-16, except that he’s opposed to it, which he all but admits in the debatewhen he says he has failed to articulate his point “like a boneheaded moron.” For once, he and I agree.

I appreciate that you recognize the intellectual fraud at play here. Maybe they’ll take you seriously — no matter how dispassionately I try to argue the same, I’m just dismissed as a “rabid SJW beta cuck.” :P

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