Use of female penis:
Use of female penis:

Okay, so now we can argue about what the user Non-Binary Support argues about the ontologies used to describe bodily characteristics. That’s a conversation to have, sure, but a refutation thereof would specifically be a refutation of Non-Binary Support’s argument which can only be generalized to those who also use it.

In other words, that’s still not “what transgender people say,” that’s what specifically the user Non-Binary Support says. You would still need to justify generalizing from Non-Binary Support’s to claim you had a consistent argument from quote-unquote “trans people.”

Google results of multiple articles around not using mother:

Which mostly turns up a memo by the BMA, notably not a transgender person. Swing and a miss. (It’s also non-binding advice)

An article with examples of what women are losing:

Gallus Mag is not transgender either. That’s two for three. (Also Mag’s article has 0 citations, another example of what “cis people think trans people want.”)

Another example of where cis women get shorted in the movement:

Hurray, specifics! It’s a lengthy treatise but notice how it is positively riddled with citations? That’s what I mean. I can at least have a real argument over a page like this because there’s an actual paper trail for me to follow along.

An entire reddit forum of people who express a need to have a voice and the response they receive.

Again, it’s one thing to expect the opportunity to express your voice. Another entirely to expect people not to respond. The former is reasonable — the latter is not.

At any rate, that’s not an individual nor is it specific. I can’t discuss “an entire forum” — you started the conversation, so you ought to select something to talk actually about. There’s a food recipe buried in the depths of that reddit, should I make my entire response about the virtues of real butter?

A womans experience with trans women in infertility spaces:

It’s an unverified anecdote. In other words, the actions of the trans person is still being represented by a cis person. We’re basing our argument in tertiary sources now?

From the mouths of actual lesbians on this:

You know what Feminist Current did that you didn’t? Linked directly to work by transgender people. That was my original complaint.