Please quit defensively hyperventilating.
Robert Hanna

“Please quit defensively hyperventilating.”

Fuck off. Stop fucking sticking your head in the sand and pretending it’s “common sense.” You don’t get to handwave away an entire body of decades-long research and then lay claim to reason, you fucking jackass. That’s you going, “golly gee this field of study challenges my conclusion that homosexuality is bad.” You are engaging in motivated reasoning, starting with the conclusion that homosexuality is wrong and then torturing all evidence brought to your attention until it says what you want it to say. Or you simply toss it overboard. “Nah, that’s tripe!” Fucking substantiate it you arrogant twit.

“You apparently missed that day in tenth grade health class.”

I repeat: Fucking substantiate it you arrogant twit.

“Discrimination is theorized to set in motion a neuroendocrine response, which includes cortisol secretion from the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis. Repeated exposure to perceived discrimination is thought to contribute to alterations in diurnal cortisol rhythms and to have implications for health. Discrimination may have particularly strong effects on racial/ethnic minority individuals, based on histories of past exposure and/or greater perceived implications of discriminatory events. Utilizing an ethnically and racially diverse sample of young adults (N=140; Mage=22.8 years) and a multiple-day naturalistic cortisol protocol, the present study examined associations between self-reported discrimination and diurnal cortisol rhythms, and whether this relation was moderated by racial/ethnic minority status. Results revealed that self-reported discrimination predicted flatter diurnal cortisol slopes for racial/ethnic minority individuals only. These findings align with theory suggesting that discrimination experiences are important among racial/ethnic minorities.”

So if discrimination impacts your health, and homosexuals are discriminated against, maybe — just maybe — homosexuals exhibit poor health outcomes because they’re discriminated against?

Two and two too much for you?

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