I voted for Trump because he is:
Michael Parker

“Pro life” to you apparently means kicking homeless Queers to the curb.

The lack of self-awareness will never cease to amaze me. And still, my community will have to continue cleaning up after the mess that you clueless fucking pig people make time and time again.

You’ll get yours, delusional idiot. Trump will spend the presidency stuffing his pockets and pogo-sticking in the Oval Office while his cabinet runs the country into the ground. And you’ll still be frothing at the mouth over jobs that were stolen, not by immigrants, but by the very same corporatists whose feet you worship at. Trump will break your knees and tell you you like it, and all the little Trumpkins will sing “yes Master,” because you couldn’t figure out who drove the country into the ground in Bush Jr.’s era and you won’t figure out who’s torpedoing the country in the Trump era.

U-S-A! U-S-A!

Land of the people so stupid they don’t know how fucking stupid they are.

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