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Really? Earlier you made a post about testosterone and misogynist attitudes about Germaine Greer, even though Germaine Greer wasn’t mentioned once. In fact, at no point were Greer or her disciples of self-styled radical feminists even mentioned at all. You hopped in and inserted them — and yourself — with absolutely no prompt that you were even being discussed!

Then before that, you were demonizing Lupron without a single shred of actual evidence for a reader to evaluate. Just “trust me” and “people have said.”

You say you’re challenging the demonization of other groups, but then you… I don’t know, write a bunch of vacuous, nebulous, non-specific crap. It’s like you just click on the Transgender tag and just concern troll every post you see.

You’re the one saying trans people should eschew empirically supported medicine in favour of — again — some kind of unspecified environmental benefit. You’re the one inserting yourself into material where you aren’t even the topic at all. You don’t appear to know what “evidence” is, nor do you even know how to construct an argument. You just fill up space with no particular objective except to make people “think.” What, exactly? That you’re on too much weed? You say you want peace but you don’t want to be a shit disturber. You want health but don’t want people to acquire it with medicine. You want a dialogue but not if I disagree with you. It’s like you can’t go a single paragraph without contradicting yourself.

“Anger” is typically something I reserve for grave injustices. You’re just a nuisance. Don’t flatter yourself. I hope the impartial reader understands that you’re all smoke and no fire.