How often are you asked for statutory declaration? How hard is it to declare “My ID says XX but I identify as XY.”?
How often are you asked for statutory declaration?
Václav Haisman

Scattered nonsense. This is the policy change that has been proposed. I don’t know why you’re coming at me with this statement, it makes no sense. Instead of spending two years in legal limbo during which your interactions with various institutions will be extremely hostile, you take a legal oath or affirmation to acquire accurate ID faster. That means accepting criminal penalties if you willfully deceive during the declaration.

This is about objective reality (of persons birth and chromosomes)

If it’s about chromosomes, why are nobody’s chromosomes actually tested? Do you know your karyotype? Does the OP know hers?

To take your assertion to its logical conclusion, we would have to believe that the Y chromosome presumed (not measured) to be present is the source of violence. The OPs post has been about the threat that “men” (both cis men and trans women in her twisted logic) pose, but if chromosomes are the deciding factor, that would suggest that it is the Y chromosome that causes violence, and thus justifies separate XY karyotyped individuals (including CAIS women) from XX karyotyped individuals (including XX male syndrome men).

That kind of logic is… you know… “special.”