I would catch myself cringing and making reflexive judgments about their character.
Pride, with Prejudice
Amanda Roman

The good news is that you recognize you’re doing this.

I’ve been to transfeminine support groups where the other women there, especially the older ones, often said some egregiously cissexist and transphobic things. They don’t even realize that all the pressure and/or abuse they were hurling at the other women were reflections of their own (entirely valid) insecurities.

So you’ve already done the hard part, which is recognizing that you do it. I do it too, to be honest. When said trans women say shit like that, I get cringey too — “way to fuel the TERF stereotype about misogynist trans women” — but then I remember cis women are often anti-feminists too and that this is no different, and that some of these ideas are adaptations to transmisogynistic violence.

I say celebrate that you’re working on it, rather than beat yourself up for having the intrusive thoughts. :)

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