remember: this is not a dealbreaker for most white women
Rick Infinity

There’s a piece missing from the calculus: Most of us white women who voted for Trump probably were disturbed to some degree by his flagrant misogyny; however, analysts underestimated to what degree white women, as a demographic, would accept his misogyny — if it meant they could shit on black people.

In other words, white women will accept sexism, even if it hurts them, as long as that same sexism also promotes racism, which we benefit from. And that’s to say nothing of the poor souls who internalized misogyny and legitimately believe we deserve subordinate positions to men.

Of course I’m a filthy Marxist so no Americans will ask me, but I was entirely unsurprised by the result of the election. Never, ever, underestimate the value of white supremacy to the white proletariat. They could be ambitious and set their sights for the same oligarchs that have been breaking their knees for decades but, nah, scapegoating is easier and more emotionally satisfying. No foresight, no plan, no ambition. C’est la vie.

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