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To anticipate the typical reactionaries that reliably swarm posts on trans issues:

As long as government documentation like driver’s licenses, health insurance, and passports stem from the birth certificate, updating the birth certificate is the only way for trans people to acquire accurate ID. Thus the argument that the certificate is meant to record what was assumed to be true at the time of birth isn’t actually relevant — this is about whether or not trans people can get accurate ID.

In the case of this bill, it would sidestep the issue altogether, rendering updates null anyways. That would suggest a trans person’s legal gender is akin to Schrodinger’s Cat — it’ll be whichever gender is convenient for the law system to prosecute them. Every document I carry reads “F” but because a document that no longer exists says “M” there is a backdoor for them to, say, imprison me with men, even if I have a vulva and for all intents and purposes am treated as a woman.

At any rate, I look forward to all the beardy muscle-bound trans men in the women’s washroom. Hey, they’re just following your shitty law. And now all those rapists you claim can take advantage of trans-affirming laws just have to say they’re trans men to enter the women’s washroom. Enjoy!

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