Being Human With Siobhan

Who is Siobhan and what is ‘About humanS’?

She’s a Scottish girl living life in Melbourne. She dabbles in fitness but not just fitness… Everything else too! Nope, she’s ‘Not just another fitness blogger’ though. Or maybe sometimes she is…?

Anyway, this Scottish girl is me! 🙋. I feel like its about time I found somewhere awesome to share my ideas on travel, CrossFit, fitness, partying, coffee, life etc etc. Oh, and I thought I’d mention one last detail. I meditate too 💆. So this is my space for sharing all that stuff I never write down anywhere and for all the other humans who like to share their ideas too; 📓 plus the nosey ones. 💁

A little ‘Scottish Human History’: I started off in the fitness industry about fourteen years ago when I was introduced to the Scottish sport ‘Highland dancing’ #CUTE by my Mum and Gran at a very young age. I progressed through the stages to become a championship dancer and my hobby fast became a passion. I danced my way through Scotland, up and over the hills for much of my youth and looking back now, I guess this is where the love of travel and fitness came from. In school I joined an athletics team with friends. We’d run in an after school club, which stuck through to my high school days. As a teenager and young adult I ventured into the world of the ‘Globo gym’, which resulted in me finding my feet in a place called Melbourne. G’day mate! I pursued this newfound love of body building by way of entering many local Melbourne competitions and before I knew it, I ended up representing Australia in the Austrian WFF.

From kilts to bikinis and stripper heels, I’d grown up a lot. 😜 And now, my final love, CrossFit!

Cutting the history short, I then tried something different. I fell in love with lifting heavy shit, putting it down and was offered a job coaching it. But my CrossFit journey still continues and I will tell you more! But lets leave that for another sesh!

I wouldn’t say I was ever obsessed with getting fit but I definitely loved the feeling I got after a PE class and/or dance class… But then again I also had the very same feeling as a teenager after a few alcoholic beverages, dancing all night long with friends.

Now I know what your thinking… You can’t mix fitness and clubbing. Well I am here to tell you that you can! Happiness or endorphins, whatever you want to call it, I felt and still do feel bloody good. And we should always do the things that make us feel good… in moderation. 🍹 In saying that I get so much joy out of travelling, yoga, adventures, coffee shops, bars, restaurants and fitness. But as a ‘fitness professional’ who, is not all about the life of just fitness, I’m still forever getting questions as a coach on how to stay healthy 80% of the time whilst enjoying the 20% of partying and travelling AND it’s pretty evident from my social medias, I don’t mind dabbling in a bit of everything. 💃 🌏

I guess I feel like my life as a ‘human’ is all about balance, but hey my view on balance may be a little different to yours and thats ok too. I love the idea of exercising when I can for my mind and body but I also love the idea of drinking a bottle of my favourite wine on the weekend and getting home at 5am on a Sunday morning. These sound like all the chats I love to share with friends, family and clients. And now you!

So what I hope to share here is my day to day life as a sports coach, my favourite coffee shops, my favourite acai bowls and food, my favourite wine when I’ve had a long day, my daily meditations and yoga experiences, my random weekends and daily adventures and, well… really just a different view on life and what I hope represents a balanced human’s perspective.

Here you’ll see through the eyes of a sports coach from Scotland but really I’m just a girl in search of that feeling I felt after my first dance lesson and night out in the Scottish city. 😘 #abouthumanS