The rules for mobile UX

Mobile user experience (UX) design attributes to the design of clear experiences amid the control of mobile devices and mobile applications. Mobile UX is extremely important and follows an array of rules.

Rule 1: Know your users

Typically, your users can fall under two categories, category 1 are the users who use the application for a specific purpose while category 2 are the users who use the application for amusement.

If your users fall under the category of which they use the application for a specific purpose, your primary focus of the application should be to keep your application simple as possible! Ensure you keep your taps and functionality to a minimum as user’s get frustrated if the functionality is not straightforward.

If your users fall under the category of which they use the application for amusement, then ensure your application is developed to keep your users..well amused!

In other words, before creating your application ensure you know the target audience you wish to attract to your application.


Usually, before you have a mobile application, you have a website! 80% of your application users will only use 20% of your application’s functionality. Before creating a website, view what areas your users focus on. Break this down further and see what areas your mobile users focus on!

Rule 3: Get the job done functionality

This rule is probably one of the most important rules. Mobile applications are becoming increasingly popular in comparison to websites. Your users want to complete their tasks on your application without problems or a slow process.

When designing and developing your mobile application base your design and functionality around the tasks in hand. Do not waste your users time and make the process difficult, keep it short, sweet and make your users happy.

Rule 4: Don’t ignore user experience!

It does not matter if your creating applications for Android or Apple, you can not ignore the user experience! Both of these platforms have millions of users and these millions of users except when they download an application from these play stores that the application will accurately look like what they have been expecting.

Do not create a new interface because that will not work out! Your users will be overwhelmed, confused and unhappy about these changes. Unless you are creating a new business for a mobile phone then sit back and follow the rules that are associated with the platform you are creating your application for.

Rule 5: Practice makes perfect

Each and everyday user experience design changes and it is difficult to abide by all the rules. But with a lot of practice and patience there is no way you can not develop a successful application. Even if you have never design a mobile application before, the overall design process is not extremely hard to follow. But don’t forget the main rule of user experience KEEP YOUR DESIGN SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE.

Is there any rules you follow for user experience? Do you have a preference to Android or Apple? Or do you simply avoid the user exeperince side and leave it to someone else?