Tips You Must Consider When Going for Shoulder Surgery

Surgical procedures can involve a great level of complexity like shoulder surgery. Your doctor can advise you a surgical procedure depending on the nature of the problem. However, your orthopedic surgery doctor only advises a shoulder operation when conservative methods have failed to deliver results.

Let us have a look at some general tips relating to shoulder surgery.

The Decrease in Swelling and Pain

There are different types of cold therapies available post shoulder surgery. However, you must closely follow the instructions given by your orthopedic surgeon. The cold therapy enables patients to reduce shoulder swelling and hence pain. There are different cold therapy devices available as well. Make sure that you do not start relying upon cold shoulder therapies for long term. Patients are advised to use cold shoulder therapy in a shorter period of time.

The Use of Narcotic Pain Medicines

Some orthopedic surgeons may also ask their patients to take narcotic pain medicines right before the surgical procedure. Therefore, you must adhere to the instructions of your orthopedic surgery physician. The missing of pain relieving medications can result in greater swelling and problems. Therefore, medicine taken right before administration of anesthesia can help reduce post-surgical shoulder pain. You may feel nauseous after taking the narcotic pain medicine. However, this medicine will help you go to sleep.

To Have a Loved One with You

It is always better to find company when leaving for your shoulder surgery. You will have a limited movement of the shoulder, making it difficult to complete simple tasks. Similarly, your orthopedic surgery doctor may advice you against movement of the affected shoulder. Therefore, you may not be able to drive your way into and out of the hospital. A friend or family member can drive you before and after the surgery. Similarly, they can help accomplish trivial tasks otherwise difficult to complete.

Comfortable Sleep is Important

It is important that you get goodnight sleep. However, it takes some getting used to the sling or immobilizer after shoulder surgery. You must avoid rolling over the shoulder that underwent surgery. Therefore, try to sleep on a sofa or recliner. You can use cushions to provide support to your arm and prevent it from swinging sideways. Try to find a perfect sleeping position for better comfort.