Birds Fly in a V

Traveling Companions

by Madisyn Taylor

Like birds flying in a V, when we feel the presence of others moving along side of us, there is little we cannot accomplish.

As they swoop, drift, and glide, inscribing magnificent patterns across the sky, birds are serene displays of grace and beauty. Long a source of inspiration, birds can be messengers from the spirit realm, or a symbol of the human soul, as they cast off their earthly mooring and soar heavenward. An upturned wing, a graceful flutter, all so effortless and free… More magnificent still is the inspiring sight of birds migrating, progressing steadily across the horizon in a solid V formation that is a singular pattern too unique to be mere chance.

Pushing steadily forward, this aerodynamic V reduces air resistance for the whole flock. With wings moving in harmony, the feathered group continues its course across the sky, covering more ground together in community than as individuals. When the bird at the front gets tired, she will move to the rear of the formation where the wind drag is lowest, and a more rested bird can take her place.

By learning from the example of our winged guides, all of us can feel empowered to take on daring challenges as we chart adventurous courses. Feel the strength of others moving alongside you, as their presence lends power to your wings during this journey across the sky of life. When buffeted by unexpected gusts, we can choose to find refuge in the loving shelter of friends and family. We may even marvel as an otherwise difficult day passes by like a swift wind, as a kindred spirit charts a way for us through the clouds and rain ahead. If your wings begin to ache on your journey, look around for somebody else to fly at the front for a while. All of us move faster when we move together. Let your ego drop earthwards as we all soar ever higher.

Source:, October 31, 2016

Good morning x2!!

I have a story relating to this. When I was a young Mother I secured a job with a dream company -Proctor & Gamble. I had graduated from college 10 years earlier and had 2 interviews with what was the Soap Division (Tide the Brand that alone ranked in the Fortune 500 back then) and heavily male dominated. on the third interview they placed four men up behind a table and did an intimidation interview. Rather than “take it” or “win over it” I clearly let them know that they were rude. A third interview would have been a hire — I failed!

Later, when I joined the Paper Division out of the Chicago Sales Office, things were different. P&G was on a goal to eliminate and go to part-time with its “Street Warriors” -I was fortunate to be surrounded by them as they left one by one.

But P&G had another problem, retaining Women while keeping its participatory management style intact. Being part-time I was allowed to the HR initiated ‘Womens Conferences’. I was already admired by and befriended by fellow full-time, outstanding Women that I worked with. The best workforce I’ve EVER worked with and have NOT duplicated since. P&G hired the top 2% from Ivy League schools….. oh not me! I was raised poor, had a Father with mental illness all but 2 years of my living life…. no chance of Ivy League college for me! (would’nt attend one anyway). So, I did things my way.

I had the best of both, Sales Sup attending quarterly Team meetings & attending Womens self-improvement guises while my other time spent was strolling with the kids in my quant little neighborhood! I ate it up.

So back to the story, in a Women’s meeting there was a skit, they acted a geese flying in the V, explaining this… how they share leading and care for and include those into the V. My friend left the front skit stage of a MidWestern Conference at the Ritz Carlton in KC and swooped me into their skit V. I’ve never been so honored.

Love acts in mysterious ways doesn’t it?