On dating men with “potential”

The first two paragraphs were perfect. I was delighted to hear someone say what I’ve been thinking for some time now. Be that this is a top rated story,I know the writing would be excellent. You disappoint. But, by the time I got to Ramon, I was already wondering what kind of illness/disorder he has.

I feel the message is less about dating men with “potential” & more about dating demons of your past. Mental illnesses, addictions, and disorders do not equal loser. They represent dark times, feeling lost, hurt, confused,anxious.

The losers with potential are the men who are lazy, those who live vicariously through others (usually brother, sister,or kids), those who give up without giving 100% effort, men who are content with substandard living (and dreamer mentality) when their talent alone could enhance their lives.

However, your writing was exquisite. Thank you you for sharing with us.