My Major Computer Science

I chose computer science as my major to get an all around cognition of the field, growing up in Jamaica, a computer wasn’t always accessible. Coming to the states was really my first time every owning or having access to a computer. Once obtaining my first computer which was purchase by my Grandmother, I immediately took a liking and was glued to it. I’ve spend countless hours on the phone with customer supporters, helping me setup /troubleshooting my computer and also my router. Learning on the fly and becoming a little obsessed with computer, I gained enough knowledge and comfort to taking my PC a part to get a first hand glimpse of how this amazing technology worked.

Throughout high school, three different high schools to be exact, I was fortunate enough to take computer courses. My first high school, here in the U.S, I had a computer typing course which of course taught me in becoming familiar with the keyboard, tying without looking and typing speed which I enjoyed and learned a lot and improving my typing skills. My second and third high school that I attended I took a Java courses in each, which taught me a little bit about coding, working with software and website like greenhouse to build simple games.

Coming to college I knew exactly what I wanted to do and have no doubt about it, though I may be disappointed a bit by the course giving in my major as they are more geared toward computer programming, I still value all the knowledge that I have attained. The opportunities are endless with a bachelors in computer science and I can still do what I really want to do which is Information Technology/Network Engineering the more hands on stuff. A major in Computer Science have open many doors and is something that I really love and ill be intrigue to see what the future holds.