Some have brought up the question of lowering the drinking age. Others have opposed and said the opposite, the drinking age should be higher. The United States is one of the handful of countries that has the legal drinking age at 21 other countries has the legal age at 18. The major concern of lowering the drinking has been the possible increase of drunk driving. Also the development of high schoolers, as alcohol can have a severe effect on the brain. Others can also argue that countries with the legal drinking age at 18 have safer streets statistically proven. I myself personally think that the drinking should be lowered and here’s why. For people like myself who’s first time consuming liquor was in college, tend to go overboard. Now I may argue that if I was open to liquor at a younger age, 18 for instance. I would have grown accustomed to being around liquor and it wouldn’t have been such a big deal. If young adults explore topics like sex and drinking at a young age, they’re given the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and mature.