Why It Should Always Begin With You

The only thing that matters

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Hey you!
Yes, exactly you. Come closer for a minute.
I have to tell you something. It is something so simple and obvious, yet we forget about it from time to time.

You are looking for Success Advice (Grant Cardone). For that one cornerstone that will complete the puzzle and get you closer to your ultimate goal. But with every corner you fill, you notice how far you still have to go.

You are reading about fame and fortune, about how everyone overcame their obstacles to conquer success, love, friendships and money. You look at it every single day, you hear about it wherever you go, and you can taste the smell of it. Yet, you are still not where you want to be.

You stumble upon an article about Morning Routines (Buffer) and how fucking useful they are. It’s seems easy for every successful person to work 16 hours and get up at 5:00 am to meditate for 20 minutes or do 150 pushups. Yet, here you are, laying in bed and hitting the snooze button three more times and promising to be better tomorrow.

You worry that the 14 Skills Successful Entrepreneurs Need to Have (Larry Kim) will never be manageable for yourself. Accounting and complex coding wasn’t your strength in the past and now you are too deeply involved in life to care.

You wonder Who Were You Supposed To Be? (Jane Hwangbo) No one ever asked you that question. Actually, you have never asked this question yourself. Thinking about it, you remember that once you were highly creative. You could have become an successful partner at an architecture firm. Yet, here you are …

You have seen enough for today. Despite that, you scroll through one last article: Why Everyone Can Benefit from Using Countdowns (Shawn Razek) You don’t bother reading. (Sorry Shawn) Deep inside, you already know that the countdown to the rest of your life has just begun.

It is not about your looks, words, or skillsets, it is about your determination to kickstart your situation from wherever you are. It’s all about you. So pick yourself up and get started. I believe in you!

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