From Tradecraft to Myagi—and now

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The pivot

My journey into “tech” started almost 3 years ago when I applied and was accepted to Tradecraft — a full-time apprenticeship program that prepares individuals to excel at high growth startups. With a background in traditional real estate sales, the transition into technology sales was a logical and natural fit. Even before my Sales and Business Development cohort had finished the 12 week, fully immersive program, I was offered a job as the first US Business Development hire at an early stage retail tech company called, Myagi. For an additional 18 months I worked as a member of Myagi’s founding team to improve the way retail sales associates serve their customers through engagement with easy to digest learning and development videos and quizzes.

I’ve always had an insatiable desire to learn how to build. Of course, prior to joining Tradecraft, I was not well versed in the Silicon Valley vernacular of CAC, CLTV or product-market-fit. I did, however, know that the world was ripe with pain. I knew that there were a handful of amazing women and men that had figured out the best approach to skillfully deploy technology in hopes of easing that pain. Understanding their mastery is what lead me to Tradecraft, Myagi and now—

With Bloc my mission is the same. Mastery. At this point, however, my quest requires going backwards to make progress. As my time with Myagi came to an end, I grew more and more eager solve problems that I was personally passionate about. However, my technical limitations were a persistent, and hugely detrimental, noose around my neck.

It all starts with an outcome

Between the hours of 10AM and noon on any given Tuesday you’ll find me knee-deep in my weekly review (I am a loyal practitioner of David Allen’s Getting Things Done, the art of stress-free productivity).

Outcome thinking in the context of GTD can be better understood with a simple little exercise:

Close your eyes.

Imagine yourself sitting in a chair on your front porch. It’s Sunday. It’s warm, sunny — quite perfect actually.

You’ve magically flashed forward 3–5 years. What does your life look like? Describe it. Where are you? Who are you with? What version of yourself sits in that chair. Is it a healthier version? A more prosperous version? A more generous, kind, skilled version?

Outcome thinking, as described in GTD, should drive every action you take. Each decision, each step, all the effort you pour into moving your life forward should be governerd by the vision you have in your mind of how things “should” be.

Starting with an outcome is a principle I’ve been using in just about every area of life for a few years now. My approach to is no different. It all started with an outcome.

What is my desired outcome for Bloc?

  • I’ve mastered basic principles of software development which justify employment as a Jr. Software Developer.
  • I’ve shed the limiting and demoralizing stigma of being labeled a non-technical founder.
  • I am able to bring early stage (MVP-style) software products to life without the need for outsourcing, a technical co-foudner, or outside investment.
  • I can fluently speak the language of product development. I can communicate with software developers, designers, sales teams, marketers and senior leadership from a position of experience and understanding.
  • I’ve leveraged front end design, outbound sales, content marketing and user research skills with, newly acquired, software development expertise to become a formidable asset to any engineering team, product team or startup—including my own.
The countdown to launch
I joined Bloc with the simple belief that, if I can thrive, opportunities to do and build great things will come as a result. This choice is all about growth. Bloc gives me the opportunity to expand my skill-set, increase my professional value to the marketplace and lay a great foundation for the future.

36+ weeks

Over there next 36 weeks I’ll be chronicling my journey. You’ll find this, at times, to be about my transition from non-technical to technical founder. Sometimes I’ll focus on what I’m building, or the Bloc program itself—sometimes about launching a startup, product development or my entry into the workforce (post bloc). Regardless of the topic, the theme will always be about about breathing new life into things — seeing problems solved and reducing the pain that humans experience as that interact with technology.