I’ll Tell You Why I don’t like Monday’s!

I know, I know, so predictable-using a Sir Bobby Geldof hit as a title. What can I say I lack imagination!

I hear my precious reader murmur an Ugh! But, no wait, you see , I know I’m normally about as an optimistic as a sardine in a John West tin, but today I’m a step more pissed off.

Now I’m like as broody as a hen loving vegan in KFC! I know by now a normal, sane persona is ready to click out! (So uncaring dudes!) But, come on, if you’ve read this far it’s pretty obvious that you’re liking my pessimism! Anyways-shall tell what’s fuelling my anger! Today, I was rejected for my second choice, didn’t even get an interview for my first choice, masters in University Limerick!

I opened the letter with my usual lack of optimism, and read Dear Sir/Madam- Well talk about kicking my individualism in the ass! Before using that, uncaring and terribly vain word, UNFORTUNATELY- I have not been accepted for the course!

To conclude, they added the usual impersonal and vague — Best wishes for the future- eh like that a bit of advice would be more helpful, or directions to the nearest recycle your unachievable journalistic ambitions centre with a kind and caring unemployment benefits application form!

So now an MrPessimitic and hard hearted — going nowhere dude is supplemented with more crankiness than what is the usual pessimism!

Well this is my first rant on Medium- I quite in enjoyed this Monday rant.

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