Open Letter to Reginald B. Barlingstonworth, from Manni

(Or, I know about your lies. I hate your maze. I see it… ass-hat.)

Mr. Barlingstonworth,
Nothing in this world is free. Somebody has to get paid. Life comes with additional charges. Money can buy happiness. I know you love these thoughts; these platitudes that have become pillars of our economy. I see your tax inversions that undermine every single working American. Pfizer and Allergan. Nine hundred million dollars to buy one senate seat. Koch brothers. War profiteering in the entire Middle East. Dammit man, I hate you.
Okay. I will admit to doing (paying) my part. I watch your television. You got me with movies, music, and video games. I don’t pay for any of them though, so stick that up your ass! I love the maze. I love Legos. I would much rather build a little town than rage about low wages or workers’ rights. Oh my God, thank you for my video games; best escape ever. Virtual Reality! I will give you all my moneys so that I can live in a digital world that is trying to simulate the real world. I want to walk in Azeroth or fly the skies of Tale Spin. The point is you have built a great maze; pacifiers in every corner. It’s like you have imagined (engineered) all of my wants and desires, and provided them to me… at a cost… in every corner… with no start… and no finish… you are everywhere… and I like it. It’s comfortable. I know where you want me to stand. It’s easy.
So why would I stand up and point out faults in the maze that I love? The maze isn’t equal. The maze has some pretty shabby basement floors. The maze is based on service (servitude) to man. The maze is falling apart. The maze has produced a pissed off proletariat (Trump and Bernie people). I have left the maze. I have seen it for what it is: shit built on top of real life. The maze is a forgery of real life. It ignores compassion; maximizes profit. Money above all.
You built the maze out of ego and profit with no regard to the rest of humanity. People starve and you eat endangered species with gold forks. People are cold and you burn money (the very thing that you make us need). You shit on dreams and call it progress.
Love. I know that is a silly concept for you. You put it in its place; a day to buy stuff. Love. Compassion. Empathy. These are the building blocks for a real life. If you are ever asked why (why anything… why did I wake up? why did I buy an SUV? why do I exist?), and your real, honest answer is ego or profit; well, you are the problem. Fleeting smiles and ethereal pride are what you get for a new SUV. Lasting satisfaction and true joy are the results of compassion and love.
I hope you read this letter with an open mind. Can you imagine your life with no money? I’m only asking for a few minutes of true, honest reflection. If you can’t do it, I understand; you’re heart has already stopped beating and you are actually a robot. That would explain so much. If you can do it, I know that you will see a place for love in this world. Lets nurture that feeling and start from there. You have a long road ahead of you.

Manni Gibson

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