Sharing Star Wars

I got to share Star Wars twice in my life. I don’t remember when my love-affair with the Force began. I was too young to see the first three movies in the theaters. We still lived in Minnesota, and I don’t recall if we went to many movies. I remember seeing the Star Trek movie where they save the whale, and I remember my father taking me to see a GoBots movie. The first thing I can remember about Star Wars is playing with a Hoth Battle play set. Between my best friend, his older brother, and me, we had a lot of the action figures and vehicles. There was the Death Star, the Millennium Falcon, X-wings, the big Darth Vader head that opened up to action figure storage, the Y-wing Imperial cargo ships… I could go on! They are all suddenly marching to the front of my memory! This article is about my shares, not my toys!

My first share was with my best friend in elementary school. We were both into sci-fi and fantasy type stuff. He is the person that introduced me to the first Final Fantasy, so I am glad that I got to share Star Wars with him. It was one of those awesome summers when you were old enough to stay home by yourself. I always walked to his house to play (I didn’t have a Nintendo at the time), but we watched Star Wars at my house because I had the vhs tape and vcr! I remember making cheese dip and when I offered him some I got theater shushed in my own living room. He took the viewing very serious. I was not allowed to talk, especially not about the plot. It was obvious in his eyes that he would murder me if I spoiled anything. StarFox came out at about this time, because I remember my best friend being obsessed with how much the levels reminded him of Star Wars. We both became true experts at those middle-path levels.

My second share of Star Wars came much more recent. Star Wars VII was about to come out, so I downloaded really good versions of the first six movies. I planned on watching them all as a bit of a refresher. I didn’t want to miss any allusions in the new one. It was a Saturday or Sunday morning because my girlfriend was sleeping in. I felt it was a good day to start the marathon. Twenty minutes into the first movie, she woke up, came into the living room, sat down and started watching. She does not speak for a while after she gets up. And I have learned not to speak to her for a while after she wakes. The first movie finishes and I que up the second. She doesn’t move, just keeps watching. She asked some engaging questions that made my heart swell and my eyes tear up. She had told me in the past she had never seen the Star Wars movies and didn’t have a real desire to do so. I kept my answers quick and to the point so as not to spoil this beautiful thing that I never expected to happen. We watched five episodes that day (the extended ones even!). She is even the one that bugged me about finishing the last episode! Everything worked out beautiful. I thought I was going to see VII during the week when she was at work. She said no, and reserved us perfect seats in our local reclining-seat theater the Saturday of opening weekend. The whole experience was just that much more rewarding because I got to share it with someone I love. Star Wars is an awesome power!

I wish I had kept all the action figures and vehicles and such. I think I just left them all at my best friend’s house when we moved. Sad. Star Wars VII has broken most of the box office records already, and it just opens in China this weekend. The numbers are going to be astounding. Why is it so popular? Star Wars has been a part of my entire life. I played Star Wars when I was young. I waited eight hours in a line to buy tickets for the first theater re-release. We made a party of that first viewing (for us, anyway) of Star Wars on a big screen. I loved it. I waited 13 hours over-night to buy tickets for Episode I. I loved it. (Shut it! Yes, even with Jar-Jar and that horrible choice of an actor for Anakin) (I feel sorry for the real boy that played Anakin. I haven’t really heard anything about him since we all said that he sucked. We were so mean!) I cried when Obi-wan Kenobi had to put Anakin down. Anyway, the movies have been a part of our social fabric for well over 30 years. I’m glad I got to weave it into the life fabric of my best friend when I was a kid and my best friend now.

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