Sergio Mireles
“Hey, do you wanna be my beer pong partner?”

The expression on her face is one that I will remember until the day I die. She was surprised, taken aback, and excited, all at the same time. Our only previous encounter was at a different party a few weeks back. I sat alone in the living room, on reddit and controlling the aux. She had approached me with good intentions, to see what the kid sitting alone was doing at the party. Her only question was, ‘Hey what’re you doing sitting here all alone?’ and I shortly answered her by saying ‘I’m not really much of a people person, and I like to listen to my own music wherever I go.’ Fast forward to the second night we saw each other. After it was our turn to play, I started to try and talk to her more. Although most of the people in attendance were quite inebriated, both Shayna and I weren’t drinking. Our first real conversation was about Connor attempting to preform a backflip while he was very drunk. We were contemplating on letting him try it, or stop him. Needless to say, we were laughing about him falling on his head from the rest of the night on. Time went by, games were played together, and we always found ourselves sitting next to each other, until our final conversation of the evening. Connor was trying to drive home, and we decided that Allan needed to go out to his car and stop him. We didn’t say much in our anticipation of Allans return. But once he did return, along with Connor, you seemed relieved that he wasn’t going to be driving home, quickly gathered your things and were gone before I could return from the restroom. All night I had be trying to get the guts to just ask you for your number, and when you were gone, I thought that my chance was gone.

The next morning, around 11 a.m., is when you followed me on twitter. I had just gotten into my car to go smoke. When I saw the notification, I immediately froze. I was completely shocked to see that you had followed me. My next move was to attempt to “slide in your dm’s”. I had used Connors pain in my advantage and worked the conversation around that, which I never thought would work. But you quickly responded to my message with a proposition for us to hang out again, and soon. I couldn’t believe that this was actually happening. The girl that I never thought would even bat and eye at me, has asked me to hang out sometime. We were constantly messaging back and forth on twitter that day, but I was still too scared to ask you for your number. At 7:28 p.m. you asked for my phone number and my fears of asking for yours had dissapated. After that, we begun texting all day, and everyday. Just a few days later I decided to take you up on your opportunity and get out of my comfort zone and go to another party. As I arrived to the party, I began trembling with nerves. This is the a moment that I thought I’d never see. But I worked up the nerve to tell you I was outside and you met me halfway up the driveway. We got into the backyard and I was very shocked to see that the entire crowd was all around the thirties and fourties. Which only meant that you and I would be talking a lot more than I expected. After a couple minutes of being with you, I realized that you were a little drunk, not out of control, but definitely more comfortable and open with me than the previous night, which was very fun to see for the first time. We sat around outside for awhile, then took to the couch because of drama outside. We were just sitting there watching random tv shows and listening to the screaming and drama that was outside. You quietly asked if you could rest your head on my shoulder, I replied with yes and you immediately siezed your opportunity and quickly fell asleep for about 30 minutes. The lines you had on your face from my shirt were absolutely adorable, but all you could do was apologize for getting a little bit of makeup on my shoulder. We went outside for a brief amount of time, then began to say our goodbyes. You tried to give me my hoodie back, but I refused in hopes that we would be able to hang out again in the near future. But after I gave you a hug and felt your arms around me, I knew that you were someone that was going to impact my life in a great way.

We began to hang out more and more. After a couple of times we had a great idea together that we wanted to go look at the starts. Seeing how we live in Kansas we both assumed that it wasn’t going to be very hard to find somewhere. Little did we know that it was going to take us 15 minutes to find a spot. Laying out under some trees on a dead end dirt road is where we first got to cuddle. You were soon wrapped up in my arms and everything felt perfect in that moment. About 20 minutes went by and we realized that cuddling on the ground wasn’t very comfortable. That is when I made the bold suggestion that we could go back to my house, and you accepted my offer with excitement. I had no intentions of anything happening when we got to my house, but after laying there with my arms wrapped around you, I decided to ask you if I could kiss you. You said yes, I grabbed your face and slowly brought you closer to me, for the best kiss I have ever had in my entire life. Later that evening, you told me that you didn’t want to go home, so I jokingly said ‘just sleep here’. I never thought that you would actually say yes to that idea. But you surprised me when you said that you would. I had never been so nervous to be with a girl in my entire life. That night was the first night that I had ever slept with a girl, but that night I learned that sleeping with someone is not only nice, but that it is also the safest I have ever felt while I was sleeping. Having you be next to me for the first time is a feeling that I will never forget. The warmth of your skin, the sound of you breathing, and the sweet smell of your hair. An absolute perfect moment in my life.

About 2 months have gone by since we first entered each others lives. I can now say that I know what true happiness feels like. The feeling of someone deeply caring for you is one that everyone deserves. It’s an amazing experience to be able to talk to someone everyday and know that you will never be tired of talking to them, or wished that they were more interesting. Shayna was something that my soul was craving. Someone to just be there with me. To care about my interests, spend time getting to know me, and not judging me for the things that I do or like. She has quickly became my person. A person that is always there for me. During my highs, my lows, and everything in between. Someone that is so kind, caring, and sticks by your side. Shayna Aaron is an absolutely wonderful human being. She is someone that I want to support and see her go far. I want to stand by her side and help her be the best person she can be. Nothing is going to get in my way of making sure that she is the happiest girl on earth. I would do anything for this girl, no matter the distance or difficulty. She is someone that I can confidently say, that I am in love with and keep falling more and more in love everyday. Her silly noises, funny faces, and gigantic heart. Everything about her is with out a doubt, perfect.


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