Why Obama is the New Face of Politics

Wasn’t this written about already? Yes, but this is different because I wrote it.

I am a white, middle class, protestant male from the South. Therefore, this article will bother most of the people I know but…whatevs. It’s what I know.

I spent a decade in Washington DC before moving back to Texas and one of the things that I walked away with was most politicians are at best, out of touch and at worst ego-centric political hacks bent on their own success fueled by constituent manipulation.

Then came Barack Obizzle. He’s the antithesis of your standard politician and you know it.

← — This is what most Americans think of when they think ‘politician’. Not that I necessarily have a problem with Mr Boehner. He’s a conservative and so am I but he represents the old guard of our political system. He represents the dinosaurs of Capitol Hill. Politics is skewing younger and hipper and guys like Mr Boehner and his ilk need to wake up and get a clue about how to relate to the younger audience or they will find themselves the Grand Ousted Party before long.

Here’s Speaker Boehner’s recent Twitter Feed. Just a bunch of stuff about how Democrats are not to be trusted and how Hilary and Obama distort the truth in order to manipulate you and bring about Armageddon.

Here’s Obama’s recent Twitter Feed. A pic of him watching fireworks, celebrating ‘Murica and joking around with The Black Keys. I mean what the heck… I wish my Twitter Feed looked like this.

Now here’s where a lot of my pals will start to get it twisted, so here is my caveat to this article: I socially and politically identify with Speaker Boehner for the most part (minus the ‘tow the party line’ nonsense that puts Washington in its current gridlock). And I disagree with a TON of Obama’s policies. Like I said, I’m a pretty conservative follower of Christ. I definitley lean right politically. This article is all strategy and no philosophy.

That aside, Obama and Hillary are killing Social! When is the last time The Tonight Show featured an Instagram shot from any GOP member?

Hmmmm, never.

My whole point is that social interaction is changing our society significantly. With the rabid availability of information available, the voting public is vastly more informed and Social Media is one of, if not the main stream of that information.

If the GOP has any chance of succeeding and getting their viewpoint back in front of the American people, they need to get their act together. Bring value to the people FIRST!! and then they’ll check out what you have to say.

People have less and less time and the last thing they want to do is watch your filibuster on CSPAN. Try reaching out in a real way and connecting to people and THEN let them know what you stand for.

“Social Media is not connecting!” If you say or have said this, you have no idea what you’re talking about. ‘Connecting’ generally means connecting on an emotional level. And that is achieved everyday on Social Media. Does it allow for shallower relationships, sure. But that doesn’t mean that shallow relationships didn’t exist before, get real. Your teenage daughter had trouble relating to her distant Uncle Bob way before they both got FaceBook pages.

All this to say that Obama and his staff got something right, in a very significant way. They harnessed the power of Social at just the right time. Hillary is following in that path and will win in just the same manner.

Example: I like Chris Christie (love ya bro) but a cursory glance at his FaceBook & Twitter accounts show plenty of posts (probably not by him unfortunately) and they include approximately 0 responses to comments. None. That is really sad.

The man has 538,ooo followers on Twitter and 7,520 tweets. Thousands of comments and ZERO responses. You’re tweeting my friend (great) but you’re not engaging (insert deflating balloon noise here).

There are 23 million active Twitter users per month, ages 18- 34 and you are ENGAGING with none of them. You need to fire some of your staffers because your Social game is absolute crap.

Engage or lose. Post, Tweet, Instagram, write an article on Medium (Shout out!) and then engage with us! Millions of us are here waiting for you if you’d just reach out to us. I’d like you to win actually but you and Romney will probably be clinking commiserative cocktails on Nov. 9th next year because the GOP just doesn’t get it.

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