The date is set. The venue is booked. The schedule is confirmed. Now you just need guests. Attracting people to your event is often the hardest part of hosting an event. There is also a lot of pressure associated with event promotion, as how one chooses to market an event can have a direct impact on how successful it is.

Ismail Sirdah is the owner and founder of Lulu Promotions in Atlanta, Georgia. …

It can be difficult to stay motivated while in lockdown, especially for someone who works in the event industry, which has largely been halted in the wake of COVID-19.

Ismail Sirdah is the owner and founder of Lulu Promotions in Atlanta, Georgia. Mr. Sirdah has had an extremely successful career in the events and entertainment industry that has lasted over two decades. He provides his top three tips for how event marketers like himself can remain productive during downtime.

Learn a New Skill

Learning a new skill is something that a lot of people across all industries have spent their time in lockdown doing. But, this is especially important for creatives like event marketers, shares Ismail Sirdah of Lulu Promotions. Taking up a new hobby is a great way to get the creative juices flowing in the midst of a slowdown at work and could also be hugely beneficial to you as a professional after lockdown, depending on the skill you chose to master. …

Event planning will likely never be the same again. With new restrictions in place in every state, including Georgia, throwing an event is going to require even more preparation than normal.

Ismail Sirdah is the owner and founder of Lulu Promotions in Atlanta, Georgia. Lulu Promotions has successfully thrown multiple events since COVID-19 began, with strict social distancing and health guidelines in place. With over 20 years of experience working in the event industry, Sirdah provides his top three tips for event planning during COVID-19 in the state of Georgia.

Consider the Scale of the Event

According to Ismail Sirdah of Lulu Promotions, the first thing you need to consider if you’re going to plan an event in Georgia is the size and scale of the event. Currently, events in Georgia are only allowed to have a maximum of 50 guests if social distancing cannot be maintained. Thus, you need to consider if you wish to have a small event at a small venue or if you would like to throw a larger event but in a space big enough to ensure all guests can remain six feet apart. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the lowest risk gatherings are those that are virtual and the highest risk gatherings are those indoors with lots of people. During this troubling time, avoiding high risk gatherings is key. Outdoor events are generally considered safer than those indoors, so you should consider hosting your event outside (weather permitting) and if so, which venues are large enough to accommodate your event. …


Ismail Sirdah

Ismail Sirdah, Owner and Founder of Lulu Productions based in Atlanta,GA

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