Group of the Month — October: The Lobby China 🇨🇳

Each group owner is able to win 1000 LMC for being chosen as the group of the month for managing and starting an innovative community inside LoMoStar. The winner for the month October is Helen/有缘人 with the group The Lobby China 🇨🇳

Since many new users started to join, there have been many questions on how the app exactly works and how to join certain events/groups (read more here for the app guide). The Lobby therefore aims to be a a help center for new users of LoMoStar. Moderators of this group will help educate new users with basic things (e.g. how to get verified, create a red envelope) and more complicated things (e.g. how to built a community on your own, how to trade on the app). The first Lobby was created by CryptoGab together with a team of mods that enjoy helping users and learning about new people and cultures. Inspired by that a Chinese team has come about and created a Chinese version of The Lobby, gradually making the concept evolving like a franchise.

Below you can find the illustrations of The Lobby which were created by User DennisinNL, explaining the rules of The Lobby (translated into Chinese).

The group was created a few days ago and already has 700 new users , gradually ensuring that the app truly fulfils the vision of becoming a Social Economy! 🌟🌟🌟

If you think your group (or a group you know) should be the group of the month? Please email or message him on Telegram (@m1lanooo) and introduce the group. To try out LoMoStar click here.