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Hi guys, we released a new Sirius Core wallet version.

Among many small updates, it contains an important security fix (CVE-2018–17144), so please update at your earliest convenience.

We also moved to a new Github repository, so please update your watches, stars, forks and so on.

This was done to prepare us for the first phase of the implementation of RWPoS: the Cantor testnet, which will increase Sirius’ TPS from 70 to approximately 300–500 TPS.

You are invited to review the project we started on our repository to achieve this.

Saudações Comunidade Sirius!

Demartini aqui, tem sido um mês corrido para a Sirius é hoje estamos trazendo algumas novidades que não poderíamos deixar passar despercebidas.


Reescrevemos todo o código do nosso site para corrigir alguns bugs e ter uma melhor experiência em dispositivos móveis, foi adicionado um formulário de newsletter para que vocês possam ser alertados sobre nossas últimas notícias por e-mail, também adicionamos algumas informações adicionais tais como equipe, casas de cambio, mercado de capitalização, blog e a principal das mudanças foi o sistema de internacionalização, para que possamos lançar o programa de recompensa para tradução do nosso site.

Greetings Sirius Community!

Demartini here, it’s been a busy few months for Sirius, and today we’re bringing some news that we could not miss.


We have rewritten all the code on our website to fix some bugs and have a better mobile device experience, a newsletter form has been added so you can be alerted about our latest news by email. We have also added some additional information such as team, exchange, market capitalization, blog and an internationalization system, so we can launch the bounty program for translation of our website.

We are still studying how the program will work…

Hi guys, we’re the Sirius (SIRX), developer team and we’re working on a new consensus algorithm called Reputation-Weighted Proof-of-Stake (RWPoS) that’ll allow Visa (2000 tps+) transaction speeds while maintaining a degree of centralization that is as low as possible. We’d like to give a short summary of it, and then show you our results so far.


By the CAP theorem, increasing the throughput of a blockchain necessarily decreases either decentralization or security. Some newer consensus algorithms favour throughput at the expense of decentralization. …


Sirius is a next-generation smart contract platform based on Bitcoin and Ethereum’s EVM which raises transaction speeds and renders 51% attacks infeasible.

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