7 strategies for effective study every engineering student should know

To achieve good grades in college

7 effective study habits — engineering students

The most vital skill that an engineering student can learn is successful analytical and significant thinking skills. Every engineering student is usual to know math, physics, some chemistry, and communication to changing degrees, but what makes an engineer exceptional is their skill to observe a difficulty, plan a way to improved study the difficulty and identify it, develop a sequence of experiments to test probable solutions using quantitative and arithmetical methods, and propose the best solution.

What to choose engineering students

To develop this skill, you must rehearsal case studies in every aspect of your field. As Alexandre Piccini mentioned, it is incredibly important to know the background and theory, as these skills also require problem-solving and critical thinking, but as best as you can, incorporate real-life examples into your work.

Must Have — 7 strategies for effective study

1. Engineering is dissimilar from 12th: Admit this actuality right from the start. Usually in Indian High secondary Schools the focus is on memorizing concepts and the ability to present them in examinations. If you have the same attitude in engineering, things can get a lot difficult.

2. Focus on understanding and not memorizing: In continuation to the previous point, focus on understanding the concepts. Though it may take a while to understand than to memorize, the end results are worth this time.

3. 5 unique methods in which you can study engineering subjects easily:

1. Question Paper Centric.

2. Concept Centric.

3. Notes Centric.

4. Diagram Centric.

5. Detailed Study Centric.

If you are expecting to get maximum knowledge, then method 5 would be more appropriate. Check yourself once!

SQ3R Methods — Effective Study

4. Use SQ3R techniques: What I can suggest to you is to explore the proven efficient and effective study tools like SQ3R Reading/Studying Strategy and Cornell Notes Method of Note Taking and Note Making:

It’s intended for use by students so as to facilitate a quick and accurate extraction of key ideas and salient points from a textbook reading!

It has additional built-in systematic and methodical features to enhance memory retention and recall.

In a nut shell, it helps you to navigate your academic pursuit with ease, expediency and ace!

5- Make yourself a professional: The problem with engineering is the wide variety of topics that are covered. By trying to be the master of all trades, you may ultimately lack specialty. Though you can never ignore topics for the sake of decent grades, focus on something you really like and make yourself a specialist. Examples could be Programming, Web Design etc. Take my word — corporate world loves specialists.

6. Make studying a regular habit: It is quite possible that you develop an habit of cramming before the examinations. Though you may earn decent grades with this habit, it doesn’t earn you long term results. Make studying a regular habit and take it easy before exams.

7 — There’s a lot outside studying in College: Your life in an engineering college is an experience. Don’t spend all the time in just academic learning and earning grades. Get into extra-curricular activities like music and drama clubs, sports groups and whatever you enjoy.